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TerraLib is distributed in source code. TerraLib is freely available and can be used for both academic and commercial purposes at absolutely no cost. All released versions are available for download.

If you use TerraLib, please give us credit. A nice way to do this is to include a TerraLib logo in a web page for your product. Furthermore, please consider adding a description of your product and its use of TerraLib  to our list of projects. Evidence that TerraLib is being widely used helps to ensure further support for developing TerraLib at INPE, Tecgraf and Funcate.

You need to be a registered user in order to download TerraLib. Enter your email address bellow and click "Send". If your already are a registered user you will be directed to the downloading instructions page. If you are not, you will be asked to fill in some basic information to complete your registration before being directed to the downloading instructions page.


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